About Mr. Lam Chun Hei
I am Mr. Lam Chun Hei.  I teach in SKH Lui Ming Choi Secondary School. 

My main teaching subject is Computer and IT. 

I like to read book, play computers, play some ball games and go out with friends. 

Questions to my students:
1. Give 5 examples of operating systems.

2. How many bits are there in one byte?

3. What does ROM stand for?

4. State the meaning of time-sharing.

5. List 3 differences between WHILE loop and REPEAT loop. 

6. What is batch processing? 

7. List 3 advantages of using electronic spreadsheet. 

8. What are the differences between indentation and margins setting? 

9. Do you like playing computer? 

10.  Do you want to be an IT expert?
I am on the Snow Mountain of Swiss! 
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My Info:
Name: Mr. Lam Chun Hei
Email: mrlamchunhei@yahoo.com.hk